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Dennou Coil - Chapter 01: "Weird"

Pairing: Isako/Yasako

Warning: Might be OOC (Out of Character) Because I have just started typing a story after 1 year since I watched that anime. >.< Please forgive me if I am wrong with someone’s name. Currently using google for my typing info needs. [:

Disclaimer:  I don’t own Dennou Coil. If did, well…Haraken’d be to his death, a very bloody death. *-*

Note: Please excuse my typos, bad grammar, and non-experienced writer-ness. After all kid here.

“…” = Talking

‘….’ = Thinking


*Middle schools in Japan, I think it’s different in the U.S., I don’t think their really 11 year old. ERGH! Who cares. This is fanfiction. I’m just make them 16 years old…F*ck the complex system of Japan! Jk!



Chapter 01: “Weird”


Yasako POV

Ever since Isako left to Kanazawa so suddenly, I never really talked to her after our phone conversation. *Middle school is really hard, the homework is coming at you like a mad bull. I’ve seen mad bulls on TV, and American sure loves to do it a lot. I’d made sure that I wouldn’t be one of those people on the bulls for my career. I shivered at the thought of me being on top of the animal and getting hit to the ground.

Ever since Isako left, it’s been kind of lonely yet peaceful. Things change, like Haraken for example, he had grown a little mustache on his upper lip area. I told him to shave it off and he said he soon will, speaking of Haraken, he’s coming over to my house to do our last summer essays. Daichi is still kind of short, but is growing. Daichi is still more hot-headed than anyone else. Fumie is well…still not doing her homework, and very playful…She sometimes such a hand full. I chuckled quietly at thought of the time we did the science project in Chemistry.  Everything kind of exploded, and the teacher scolded Fumie and I severely.

“Oh…I’m already at home,” I said out-loud to nobody exactly,” I didn’t know I was here.” I guess I just got lost in my train of thoughts. I chuckled at myself lightly for my little mistake. I opened the door to enter the house.


Normal POV

“Yasako-chan, is that you, dear?” asked Yasasko’s mother who seems to in the kitchen, washing the dishes.  Ahh...I have forgotten mom and dad moved in… thought Yasako taking off her shoes to enter in her house with her sister Kyoko, grandma Megabaa, and her parents.

“I’m back.” Said Yasako walking to the kitchen and to see her mom’s presence.

“Welcome back, dear,” replied the elderly mother,”…mind getting me some more soap?”

“Err…sorry mom, but…Haraken is coming over, and we have to really finished our summer essays,” Yasako said, which feeling guilty for not doing so,”…since it’s the last day of our summer, mom.”

She frowned at Yasako for a while, but then smile, and said,”It’s ok, Yasako-chan, I wouldn’t mind going for a little jog to the store.” Yasako regretted saying no, but Yasako wasn’t very good at sports, and running included. Yasako planted herself her bed, feeling relaxed. Just about to have fallen asleep, her doorbell rang. Yasako groaned, and went to head to the door.

“Good afternoon, Yasako,” greeted the boy whose nicknamed Haraken,” so are you ready to finish our summer assignment?”

Yasako nodded and motioned him to come in her house.  Haraken then stepped in, taking off his shoes, and proceeding to the living room. Yasako is following behind, going to the kitchen to get some snacks for her guest this evening. After rummaging through the refrigerator, she had found some rice balls, and some Pepsi soda drinks. Walking towards Haraken who has gotten the books and pencils out, and was about to start working, but stopped when Yasako arrived to the little table in the room.

“Thank you very much, Yasako,” said Haraken who as smiled at Yasako then going to reach for a rice ball, “so did you started the essay without me?”

“No, I-, “Yasako raised her head to look at Haraken in the face, because she had been dozing off and didn’t really look at his face to notice he had shaved.

“Ah! You shaved!” exclaimed the girl with the short hair, and lifting her index finger to point at his now-shaved mustache.

Haraken surprised at the discovery that Yasako just now claim, then chuckled and said, “You didn’t notice?”

Yasako‘s face light red, because of the embarrassment. She never liked being the clueless one,” Y-yeah, I didn’t notice…”

Haraken looked at her for a while, then chuckled.


“Okay, so La Salle, who is the French explorer came to Louisiana to conquer it for France?” questioned Haraken who was rising his head to look at Yasako.

“No, no, no. La Salle is Spanish!” Yasako said, looking at the paper.

“Nuh-uh, he was not…” said Haraken softly under his breathe, he wasn’t the type who like to fight with friends,”…why do we have to learn about American history, anyways? We live in Japan!”

“I don’t know…,” replied Yasako glancing at the clock to see what time it was, “it’s probably to make us busy to do work.” Seeing that it was only 3:08 P.M. Haraken had only been here for 37 minutes, but it had felt forever. Not that Yasako didn’t want him here, but she wanted this summer essay to be done already.

“Oh, where’s Kyoko?” asked the short-haired boy, “I haven’t seen her around.”

“Ah, Kyoko…she’s with her friends, right now.”  Yasako had kind of forgotten her little sister for a while.

Lost in her thoughts, she was reaching for a rice ball, only one left. And her hand brushed against another. Yasako got out of her thoughts and saw her hand had touched Haraken’s. Who was going to get the last rice ball also.

“O-oh sorry, Yasako,” said Haraken as he brought he hand back to him quickly as he was blushing, “ can have the last one.” Wait, did he just blushed?

“Ahaa…no way, you’re the guest.” Offered Yasako nervously, who turned her head. It kind of had awkward silence. Yasako could feel Haraken staring at her. Haraken just stared at Yasako. She was getting kind of uncomfortable, with his stare. So, she turned to look at him, “What is it?”

Haraken stared at her,”Yasako…I-“

“I’m back!” Yasako mother was back from the store. Yasako looked at where her mother was coming from, then looked back at Haraken whose face was full of disappointment.

“Oh! You’re here Haraken-kun?” asked her mother bringing a bag full of groceries.


“Are you going to stay for dinner, Haraken-kun?” asked the mom, who didn’t notice the sad, gloomy emotion in his voice.

“N-no, I think Auntie would be worry,” said Haraken getting up to leave, “See you tomorrow at first day of school, Yasako…” Haraken smiled, a small smile he usually shows when he is disappointed.

What was he about to say…? ” thought Yasako getting up to clean the table. ‘I’ll just ask him tomorrow at school.’

“Okay, bye Haraken,” said Yasako carrying the plate to the sink.

“U-um…Yasako, I…”

“Yes, Haraken?”

“O..oh, nothing. Goodbye.” Waved Haraken heading out the.

“Yeah,” Waved Yasako, ”see you later.”

Haraken’s been acting weird ever since Isako left.’

Clack.  “I’m back!” yelled a girl from the door. It was Kyoko. Yasako’s younger sister. She had grown a bit taller since Isako’s departure, but she still is the same old Kyoko who is awfully childish.

“Welcome back!”


“Ah~!” yelled Yasako as she had ate the dinner and finished her shower, and was about to get to bed. She had finished the two last paragraphs for her essay, without Haraken’s help, after he left.  Yasako was heading to her bed, but she heard a squishy noise as to where she had stepped on. She looked down to see Densuke’s old chewy toy. Yasako smiled at the memories, she once had with her dog. She picked it up and placed it next to a picture frame of Kyoko, Densuke, and her. A smile had came to her face, and she then went and had a very peaceful sleep, but only she was filled with dreams of Densuke and her. She slept with a smile on her face.


A/N: They didn't have a Dennou Coil category, so I am posting it here for a while! (:

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Unexpected love - Chatper 01

Unexpected Love - Chatper 01 - New beginnings
type: Persona3 fan fiction, a shoujo-ai one! ♥
: Mitsuru/Yukari pairing! (girlxgirl), Minato is the un-named main character in PS2 Game!
Warning: Might be OOC (out of character)
Disclaimer: Don't own Persona3... if did I'd make it an all girls cast. (DUHHH!)

"Hey guys!" Yelled Junpei running in their dorm, where Minato was reading a plain japanese book about birds and Akihiko was drinking a soda of pepsi.

"What is it?" uninterestly asked from the white-haired boy who can care less what the boy in the hat says.

"I have the greatest idea!" said Junpei walking towards Akihiko and Minato. Junpei was waiting for an answer like 'What is the idea?'. But it was silence.

"Well? You guys want to know or not?" spoke Junpei sitting down next to Minato.

"Sure...why not..." Akihiko felt like it had something to do with girls.

Minato was minding his own business, like he always does, and he was deeply reading in the book when suddenly he got pulled by Junpei. Also Akihiko was pulled into the circle like they were planning something.

"So do you guys like anyone..." said Junpei teasingly, "like in this dorm?"
Junpei looked at both of them and Akihiko was beet red, Junpei knew Akihiko has low courage about girls, only caring about fighting, he was that type.

"So, Akihiko anyone?" Junpei staring at him with a devilish look. Although Junpei doesn't know who Akihiko likes he was sure it was either Fuuka or Mitsuru, not Yukari, because she was not type he's interesting in.

"That is none of your business...!" yelled Akihiko leaving the circle with a beet red face,"besides you should get better with fighting skills, you're too childish." Akihiko was trying to changed the subject, but Junpei ignored Akihiko.

"So what about you, Minato?" Junpei asked eagerly to know, since he had been with Minato for a month now, Junpei can't read Minato, Minato has this look no one can ever read what he's thinking.

"No, not anyone in parculiar..." spoke Minato quietly like he always does.

"Hmm... What about Yuka-tan?" said Junpei glancing over at Minato's expression,"You guys seem to get along pretty well!"

"Stupei stop bothering Minato," said a girl with a brown-ish hair color and pink jacket opening the dorm door,"You know he doesn't really like talking..."

"What were you guys talking about anyways?" asked Yukari going to her dorm room.

"Man-talk, Yuka-tan, but you can join since you are a man, haha" said Junpei trying to pick a fight with Yukari.

"What! Why you...! You know what.. I don't have the time we have loads of homework.."

"Oh yeah! I forgot!",said Junpei slaping his forehead," Minato did you do your homework, man?" 

"No." said Minato going back to read his book.

And that day Junpei forgot to tell his greatest plan.

"This is awfully strange...there hasn't been a dark hour monster attacking..." said a red-haired girl who was a very strict senior.

"Want me to check inside the dark hour in our school?" asked Akihiko who was anxious to fight.

"No, Akihiko, you should rest your hands, your hands are already injured."

"Aww...Alright...Well good night."

"Good night."

"Okay class, we are going on a school trip for the welcoming back to school, it was a little late, like 1 month... but we finally have the money!" announced the Teacher,"But we are joining the 3rd years with the 4th years together."

"Hurrah!" screamed the class.

"Woo! School trip! I am so excited," said the boy with the goatee,"You guys excited?!"

"Wow, Junpei, I never knew you'd be excited this much." said Fuuka drinking her tea. Junpei blushed and said," Well, there's lots of girls out there, where we're going."

Junpei just realized he said something stupid infront of the girl he has a crush on, Fuuka-chan. Fuuka just giggled and kept drinking her tea, she was a shy and softspoken girl after all, that's what made Junpei liked her so much. But it seems she doesn't know he likes her.

"This school trip is also good for confessing your love..." said Junpei speaking under his breathe.

"What was that, Junpei?"

"U-uh! Nothing!"

Junpei turned to look at Minato and was about to have a man-talk with him, well not really a man-talk.

"So are you going to confess to Yuka-tan, Minato?" asked Junpei whispering to him. Minato just looked at him and was about to speak when Yukari came barging in.

"Uwa~ I am so tired!" Yukari yelled frustrauted, "I'm so glad there will be a school trip for our break!"

"Takeba, please don't be too loud." spoke Mitsuru reading the school's newspaper.

"Ah! Gomen..." Yukari glancing at the beautiful girl in the room, Junpei saw her looked at Mitsuru. So Junpei tryed to not believe what he was thinking and said...

"Yuka-tan~ Do you have anyone you like?" asked Junpei being all teasing her.

"W-what is this all of a sudden?!" Yukari taken aback of surprise. She felt her face was warm and everyone was looking at her, so she dashed off in her room while saying,"S-shut up, Stupei!"

Junpei knew it was Minato that Yukari liked, that's what he thought.

"Don't worry you'll get her, Minato." said Junpei friendly hitting Minato on the side of his arm.

Please arrive at the station before 9:00 A.M. train is about to leave at 8:30 A.M.

"Where is Yukari Takeba, and...Oh, that's rare."



"Five more minutes, mom..." said Yukari sleepily.

" ! " Yukari shot up,"School trip! The train sets off at 8:30!" Yukari to place her clothes in her luggage, the school trip is going to be 2-3 weeks long. She putted on her uniform.

 'Crap what did I have to study so late at night.' Yukari then dashed out.


"O-ow...Watch where you're going!" said Yukari sitting on the ground from bumping into someone.

"Oh...Gomen, Takeba." said a beautiful red hair girl bowing. It was Mitsuru.

Yukari gaze at Mitsuru Kirijo. Her eyes always sad and broken within. Her beautiful voice.

"I'm sorry did I make you late...? I'm sorry." Mitsuru apologizing, Yukari ticked, it wasn't her fault, Mitsuru-senpai always apologizing for things that she didn't do. Yukari was about to start yelling at Mitsuru-senpai, but when she looked at Mitsuru's sadden eyes. She always sees those same sad eyes. She wanted to change those sad eyes.

"U-uh..M-Mitsuru-senpai late for the school trip?" But of course Yukari is uncomfortable around Mitsuru Kirijo.

"On the School Trip...If I went the way I am now, I'd just bring everyone down..."

"Senpai,you're not..." Yukari's mouth just spoke without thinking,"thinking of skipping the school trip are you?"

Mitsuru looked away.

"I-I always...felt you and I," spoked Yukari speaking her heart,"really needed to talk some things out."

"Talk...?" Mitsuru turned to look at the junior year girl.

"To tell you the truth... I always felt uncomfortable being alone with you."

Yukari wasn't thinking what she was saying, but she wanted to tell Mitsuru-senpai what needed to be told. Mitsuru-senpai is not useless.

"But... I really think I know... Exactly how you're feeling now..."

"Takeba..." Mitsuru was quite surprised, with widen-eyes.

It was silent for a while.



It was Yukari's cellphone.

"A-ah...excuse me."


"Oh snap! I forgot we were late!" Yukari yelled and triped, because she was in a panic attack. Mitsuru laughed. A soft laugh with a smile. A smile that she had never shown to the world. Yukari gazed at her, then she shaked herself out of it.

"WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE!!" Yukari grabbed Mitsuru's hands and ran.

Mitsuru Kirijo surprise as she is, she never held hands with anyone for a long time. 'So warm...'

Ran out of breathe they made it. "Ha...ha....ha," Yukari made it in 5 minutes before the train was about to leave,"W-we made it..."

Still holding hands they were in the train. Yukari totally forgot they were holding hands they were talking in the train. Their classmates was murmuring.

'What's with all the fuss?'


"What is it, Mitsuru-senpai?" said Yukari still looking for a seat in the train.

Mitsuru squeezed her hand for Yukari to turn and looked her, she did turned.

"Thank you for now, Takeba."

' "For now ", huh? ' thought Yukari,'I'm not satisfied with that answer.'

"...Takeba," said Mitsuru staring at their hands, with a soft red on her cheeks. Yukari looked where she was looking. Totally forgottn they were holding hands 'So that's what the people were talking about!'

Yukari let go of Mitsuru-senpai's hands and looked away blushing.

"W-well, s-see you later!" said Yukari walking away fastly.

"Takeba," said the red-haired girl,"Sorry I didn't mention we were holding hands earlier, I just wanted to tell you thank you!"

"A-ah. Okay..."

Yukari searched, and found her seat with Minato, Junpei, Fuuka.

"Hey there, guys," greeting her fellow friends,"look I made it.."

"Yo Yuka-tan!" Junpei greeting Yukari,"What's with holding hands with Mitsuru?"

'On no he saw...he's going to think really preverted things...!'

"What's with the no answer response?" said Junpei,"I mean everyone was looking at you guys, and people were talking about it!"

"What are you talking about!?" yelled Yukari. and everyone was looking at Junpei and Yukari fighting.

"YOU and MITSURU!" yelled back at Yukari,"YOU TWO WERE HOLDING HANDS!"

The people (the classmates) were starting to talk about Yukari and Mitsuru again.

"Shut up will you!" Yukari came and grab his mouth and pulled it. And Junpei did the same. "You're so annoying, Stupei!"

"You're so manly, Yuka-tan!"

Mitsuru glanced at Yukari and Junpei fighting. 'She sure is interesting...'

Minato was fast sound asleep, and Fuuka also.

A/N: Lawl. I copyed some of the words from the manga. Gomen ne~ (:

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