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Summer 2010!

Posted on August 6, 2010 at 6:11 PM

Friday: May 28, 2010 –

Went tubing with Erika. Second time. Tuyet, Austin were there. I had fun. Barrel rolled was Austin, possible Erika. It was fun. Tuyet was good. I had fun. Sunburn on upper arms. Butt hurts like hell. Tuyet had fun!

Saturday: May 29, 2010 –

Huston Girls' Day out. Lots of walking. 13 hours of shopping. Tina walked off whenever we were in the clothes shop. Bitchhhh. How dare she. And she acted like it was nothing. Even though she was crying because our moms were aggravating her. Ughhhh. Whatever. My butt hurted like hell. So Ba Chau was there too. Lots of facebook pictures up on Facebook. Hahah. Twilight book was in Vietnamese! A cute store in Hong Kong mall was called: “Little Surprises”. I bought a clarinet/flute ($5), gum shock ($4), pencil pouch ($4), two tube balloon ($1), panda bobble head ($10), nun chucks ($5), claymore sword keychain ($4), and sword ($1). It was fun. I think I went in it 5 times during that day with Tuyet. Haha. I had fun. (: Next time, I will go in there and buy a necklace. I need a necklace, damnit! Thanks God!


Sunday: May 30, 2010 –

I asked Mum if I can go to the bonfire of Amelia's, but she says no. Ugh. I'm going to ask again. I want to go. Shelly might go. Kennedy is going. Elizabeth is going. Maya is going, I think. I hope I can...?



Saturday: July 10, 2010 –

Hockey Plex (LA ice). For Gabbi's birthday. I brought Tuyet's siblings and my siblings to come. Shelly was there. Gave Gabbi a itune gift card $15. Wow, Shelly's nice. I gave Gabbi a iDog. Toy. Lmao. Yeah I personally wrapped it myself. It was fun. I guess. Got blisters on both feet.

Saturday: August 1, 2010 -- (I forgot date)

Went to ice-skating AGAIN. But this time it was for Tina's birthday. Shelly invited me to Florida, I couldn't go. (I had my period on that day.) She went with her old classmate friend, Jessica. Shelly isn't really comfortable with her that much. Ummm. Nicolette and Shelly came to Tina's birthday skating. (Tina was busy flirting with Alex.) And they kissed. AWWH. and LOL. While he carried her in bridal style. LOL inorite? ANYWAYS, yeah Shelly and Nicolette are good friends of mine. Gabbi doesn't really fit in our friendship at all. I should have just let her stop being friends with me in 8th grade. LOL, I'm so dumb. -_- Oh yeah, Gabbi has a secret bf. And it's that dude, Egg boy - Grant. Lol. He wanted my number. Gabbi felt threatened by that supposingly lol. YEAH. So summer 2010 is over, now it's sophomore year. 

Goals for teh year.

#1 (most important): get a girlfriend

#2: Get rid of first kiss

#3: be a heartbreaker (LOLWUT.) jk on this one.

#4: butts.

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