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Today. (11/20/09)

Posted on November 20, 2009 at 6:43 PM

So today... I know Shelly is already use to me and Amber hanging out. Awwh... crap. I like it when she's bothered whenever I am around Amber. Now it's no fun at all. ): I think I'm losing contact with Shelly... wtfudge... awhhh dangit. I want to be friends with her -- besttt friend. But, I just can't. Plus, I think Shelly's a little boring. Amber is hilarious. Amelia is funny, too. Uhmm, Gabbi went to Nicolette's house today. They are soo boring. I called them a couple hours ago (2 hours ago) 5:45 PM right now. And they were on Facebook (gabbi was playing Farmville) and they were just about to go outside. How boring as fuck. lol. They so need me. I'm the PAR in PAR-TAYYY! haha. (: Good day. It's Thanksgiving! Yeepee!! (: Shelly & Amber is going to Florida for Shelly's Aunt... lol, I was like, "...okay." It really doesn't bother me lol. Haha, maybe a little? Not so much though. I'm not attached to Shelly as I use to be. :D Improvement? Yep! But, I love being attached to people... Oh well :D. I need to get a romantic partner... I'm so bored & I want someone's attention. Thanks for today God! Oh yeah and Kevin is not going to retreat (Nov.20~22). It's camping inside a building or whatevers. Thanks for today!

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